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Fetish Training Date: Nov 18th @ 9:53am EST
Welcome Sinners!

Your Mistress is not pleased with all of you. You need more training to become perfect slaves. So much more to learn.

I wouldn't be the good Mistress I am if I didn't take interest in my slaves. I want that each and every one of you become perfect in order to serve me. I deserve it!

So, this Friday, 24 November at 4 PM EST. together with my friend Kiarra Fox, I am organizing another class for you to attend. Another Fetish Training you so desperately need.

Attendance is mandatory. Don't you dare disappoint your Mistress! Be there, or else...
Fetish Training Date: Nov 14th @ 6:48am EST
Welcome sinners!

Your Mistress here, as usual. Who else would it be?

My friend Kiarra Fox and me are organizing another fetish training! One was just not enough! I expect perfection. And if you even just think of serving me, you better come and learn your lessons! You are not allowed to screw this up. Your Mistress deserves the best!

If you want to be MY perfect slave, you have to pay the price. It's not an easy path to kiss my feet and be under them. You must know that by now.

Sign up immediately for our class that will take place this Friday, 17 November at 4 PM EST! Don't dare to miss it! You need this!
Duo Show: Fetish training Date: Nov 9th @ 6:31am EST
Welcome sinners,

Your Mistress here! After fetish presentation with my friend Britney Blake, I decided to move forward to fetish training. I need good slaves. I value perfection. And that's what you need to be if you want to serve me. Perfect Slave.

This time, I will have my friend Kiarra Fox with me. She is a very experienced woman and you will have the opportunity to learn from the best.
I deserve only that and I expect the same in return.
Dare to sign up! It will happen on Saturday, 11 November at 4 PM EST and you better show up if you ever want to serve me.
Your Mistress doesn't like to wait!
Fetish Show Date: Oct 26th @ 7:22am EDT
Welcome Sinners,

Don't be afraid to step in. It's only me, your Mistress. Except now, I have a reinforcement. I am here with my friend Britney Blake. Double Punishment for you.

I never lie to my slaves and I must tell you, your Mistress is disappointed. You need to learn to behave. Or else, there will be some consequences.

Just because I am in a good mood, I will offer you a `double or nothing` deal. Basically, you will prove yourself in our next show that will take place on Thursday, 2 November at 12 AM EST. Try to satisfy your Mistresses. If you fail, the double punishment awaits you.

I think it's a fair deal.

So be there and be a good slave.

Your Mistress
Halloween Party Date: Oct 24th @ 6:56am EDT
Welcome Sinners,

Your Mistress speaking.

You have probably seen me at the Flirt Babes Party last week but now, we must announce another one. My favorite: Halloween Party. When all the devils come out to the surface. How charming.

I will be there to spice things up with my whips and, of course, my presence.

Let's dress up and see where that takes us.

Don't dare to miss it or you will be punished.

Friday, 27 October at 1 PM EST. Be there!

Range of Fetishes: Your turn Date: Oct 20th @ 7:11am EDT
Welcome sinners!

I am back in a new scheduled show with my friend Britney Blake. This time, we will show you all sorts of fetishes. Financial domination being our favorite one.

Just so you know which one to choose.

Find us on Thursday, 26 October at 1 AM EST or else...

So, be a good slave and lick my heels. They need cleaning. Don't make me punish you...Again.

Your Mistress
Flirt Babes Party Date: Oct 18th @ 4:13am EDT
Welcome Sinners,

On Saturday, 21 October at 10 AM EST expect to see me at Flirt Babes Party. I am sure there will be something for you and it would make your Mistress very satisfied to have her slaves under her heels that day. They need cleaning anyway.

Don't dare to miss it. I feel like punishing someone soon. See me there.
Learn to Sin Date: Oct 14th @ 7:22am EDT
Welcome Sinners!

You all think you know how to sin and you seem to be enjoying it? Well, I will prove you wrong and show you the right way.

What kind of Mistress would I be if I didn't take care of my slaves, right?

Together with my friend Britney Blake I will teach you everything you need to know in order to do it properly and according to my standards.

This Wednesday, 18 October at 11 PM EST. Be there or else...
First Scheduled Show on F4F Date: Oct 11th @ 6:49am EDT
Welcome sinners!

Tomorrow, Thursday 12 October at 12 AM I will have my first scheduled show about fetishes. You need to be there if you know how to sin. I will explain everything you need to know to make me happy and satisfied. I own you and you need training. I hate bad slaves! Don't be one!
Your Mistress decided to be good to you so I thought to give you my Fan Club in order to prove your love for me. You can see special photos, videos, blogs and even have a discount on my shows. Prove your worth!