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New Year's Eve Party by Flirt Babes Date: Dec 28th @ 11:01am EST
Welcome Sinners,

I hear you want to have a nice time for New Year's Eve, too. Your Mistress will give you a chance to fulfill that fantasy. I am inviting you to the Flirt Babes Party. It will happen on New Year's Eve, 31 December at 11 PM EST and you better be there!

Join the Flirt Babes and we will welcome the new year together.

It's much better than hiding around, isn't it?

Don't miss this event or I will have to turn this opportunity of a dream into a nightmare for you.

Your choice!
Xmas Party by Flirt Babes Date: Dec 20th @ 7:52am EST
Hello Sinners!

Flirt Babes are organizing another Xmas Party and this year's edition will be the maximum! You'd better be there! Or else...

I will just go through what we have prepared for you quickly. Let's see... Drinking, dancing, good music, Christmas carols, games, and, of course, prizes.

It's the season of giving and we are definitely going to give, give, give! We will be announcing the winners of our big Xmas promo at the party, so stay tuned. Biggest prizes yet to be given by models!

Join us Saturday, 23 December at 7 PM EST! Do. Not. Miss. It.

Come and behave!
Daily Raffle Winners Date: Dec 19th @ 9:57am EST
Hello Sinners!

My Saturday raffle winner was redfoxx with 10 minutes of private show with me. I am sure we will get along just fine.

Now, you must understand this is the last week of raffles, only four random draws left. You'd better hurry up and buy your tickets!

Of course, don't forget about our big Xmas party where we will announce the winners of our big Xmas promo! The party takes place on 23rd December at 7 PM EST!

Good luck!
Daily Raffle Winners Date: Dec 15th @ 7:18am EST
Hello Sinners!

As you noticed, your Mistress has been very good to you and to prove that, here are my last two winners.

My Wednesday winner for the Daily Raffle was VRAY9692. The prize was one month access to my fan club. I bet many of you want that so badly.

My Thursday's winner was redfoxx who got a special offer for the flirt phone and also a 5 minute free private show with me.

Random draws take place Tuesday-Saturday at 5 PM EST. You'd better buy your ticket on time!
Daily Raffle Winners Date: Dec 13th @ 9:23am EST
Well, well Sinners!

I see you're not so active in the daily raffle. That's disappointing.

However, I did have a winner yesterday. It's JackieK who got 10 minutes of private show with me. We shall use them wisely.

You better buy your tickets if you don't want to be punished!

Take part in our Xmas promo also!
Saturday's raffle Date: Dec 12th @ 5:54am EST
Hello Sinners!

Let's quickly go through my winners list. I don't have time to waste!

I have spa555 and mustangrider2023 who got 10 minutes private for the 10 tickets purchased at once. My random draw winner is redfoxx with 50% discount. He also got 10 minutes private show for the tickets purchased!

You better hurry and enter the Xmas promo. It's really something to see your name on My tree!

Good luck!
Daily Raffle Winners Date: Dec 9th @ 9:53am EST
Hello guys!

As you noticed, we are having daily raffles and they are taking place Tuesday-Saturday at 5 PM EST!

My winners for the last two days were MustangRider2023 who got a special offer for the flirt phone and 5 minutes of private show.

The winner from yesterday's random draw was Druscha who got access to my fan club.

Buy your tickets on time to secure your participation in the daily raffle! The more tickets you buy the higher your chances to win are!

P.S. Don't forget about our Xmas Promo!

Good luck!
First Daily Raffle Winner Date: Dec 7th @ 8:35am EST
Hello sinners!

First daily raffle took place yesterday and this is my winner for the day of Wednesday, 6 December: MustangRider2023.

Congratulations Mustang!

Rest of you still have the chance to participate everyday in the raffle. Random draws take place Tuesday-Saturday at 5 PM EST!

You can buy the ticket for the raffle in my room, everyday. The more tickets you buy, the higher your chances are to win!

Good luck!
Xmas Daily Raffle is on! Date: Dec 5th @ 6:37am EST
Welcome Sinners!

Your Mistress here and since I value my slaves very much, I decided to let you participate in our Xmas Daily Raffle! It will be happening Tuesday- Saturday at 5 PM EST and this is what you need to do in order to get in.

You need to come to my room. Next, you need to buy a ticket, let's call it that, for that day in a normal session. My ticked will be 100 credits ONLY! We will place all tickets in a very special Raffle bowl and later in the day (5 PM EST) we will gather in order to see who wins the prizes!

This sounds like a pretty good offer, don't miss it! Also, you can buy multiple tickets.

Don't disappoint me!
Xmas Promo Launched! Date: Dec 1st @ 11:53am EST
Welcome sinners!

We have launched our Xmas Promo yesterday and this is how the things work:

You will have the chance to compete for one of the top five highest spenders. If you are one of top five highest spenders for Bonie Blue, Lorenna Love, Kendra Blu, Nikki Crystal or me by the end of the month, you will get amazing prizes. 5th place gets a special offer for the flirt phone- 10 cr/min. 4th place gets 2 hours private show with the respective babe. 3rd place gets a 15 % discount for credit purchase, which you can use only once. 2nd place gets a 25 % discount for credit purchase while the 1st place gets a 50 % discount for credit purchase. Of course, all the discounts can be used only once.

Why is this so interesting? Because we have chosen five Christmas globe decorations to represent these five prizes! There will be a Christmas Tree in every girl's room and you can see the five highest spenders' names on them. This will be updated daily!

We will announce winners at our Christmas Party on 23rd December.

Also, we will have daily raffles to keep you interested in the meanwhile! All you have to do to participate is to buy a ticket in a session from your babe. We will have a random draw at our daily Flirt Babes one-hour show and announce the winners right on the spot.

Anybody can win!

Don't miss the chance to become worthy to be my slave!

Your Mistress decided to be good to you so I thought to give you my Fan Club in order to prove your love for me. You can see special photos, videos, blogs and even have a discount on my shows. Prove your worth!